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Corner Mattsson Street and Genoa Road (PO Box 200), Mallacoota VIC 3892


Board Directors

Annette Peisley

Ms Annette Peisley

Board President and Executive Director

Active Community member for Genoa

Terry Houge

Mr Terry Houge

Vice Board President and Executive Director

Retired Mallacoota Paramedic

Gordon Symons

Mr Gordon Symon

Executive Director

Retired Mallacoota P-12 Principal

Tim Cashmore

Mr Tim Cashmore


Stuart Johnston

Sergent Stuart Johnston


Active Mallacoota Community and CFA member

Judy Taylor

Judy Taylor


Retired School Teacher with 30 years of experience

Active Mallacoota Community member

Jenny Warren

Ms Jenny Warren


Retired Mallacoota P-12 Office Manager

Mother and Grandmother of MDHSS clients
Active Community member

Dr. Igantius Oostermeyer

Dr. Ignatius Oostermeryer


Currently the Chair of MiCare a large charity providing settlement services for migrants as well as aged care services to the CALD community. Have served as a Board member at Dental Health Victoria; WIN (Disability Services, now Annecto, and Harm Reduction Victoria

Barrister and Solicitor

Former CEO of Occupational Health and Safety Authority

Dr Jane Graecen

Dr Jane Graecen


Director of Medical Services for Omeo District Health Services

Part-time Senior Lecturer for Monash University

Former CEO of Rural Workforce Agency Victoria

Jane is the Director of Medical Services for Omeo District Health Services, and also part-time Senior Lecturer with Monash University East Gippsland Regional Clinical School. She is involved with Rainforest Conservation in East Gippsland.

She previously worked for 10 years as the Chief Executive Officer of the Rural Workforce Agency Victoria supporting the recruitment, retention and professional development of rural doctors. Prior to that, she was the Director of Program Development and Training for the Victorian Accident Rehabilitation Council; the Chief Medical Officer/Group Manager WorkHealth for the Victorian Public Transport Corporation; and the Assistant Director of Primary Care in the Victorian Department of Human Services. She is an Occupational Physician and Rural Doctor.


Tanya DeGues


Mallacoota Kindergarten Teacher

Active Community volunteer

Granddaughter of MDHSS client


Prue Woolton


Retire Nurse

Mallacoota Community Member