Mallacoota District Health & Support Service

Mallacoota District Health and Support Service Board Members

Executive Director
Ms Annette Peisley
Mallacoota District Health Board President
Vice President
Executive Director
Mr Terry Houge
Terry Houge
Board Secretary
Chief Executive Officer
Ms Anne Mwagiru

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Ms Fiona Sheena - Secretary

Fiona is an agricultural journalist and Mum of four young children. She grew up on her parent’s beef cattle farm at Timbilica, started school at Genoa and finished at Mallacoota before moving to Melbourne for university and work. She has travelled extensively overseas and within Australia and has spent most of the past 15 years living at Bairnsdale in East Gippsland. 

In mid 2019, after 20 years away, she moved back to Genoa with her husband and young family. She said Genoa and Mallacoota had always been ‘Home’ to her and it was the perfect place to raise a family.

Ms Meg Allan

Meg is part of the latest generation of a long-standing Mallacoota family. Meg completed a Bachelor of Politics and Policy at Deakin University. After the fires, and through this experience she decided to undertake a Graduate Diploma of Sustainable Regional Development. She is also eager to contribute to the culture amongst the Community Advisory Committee, MDHSS, and community of genuine and constructive communication, where the communities needs can be met by a community organisation.
She is looking forward to hearing your thoughts – ideas, comments, praise and criticism.

Ms Dianne Blood

Managed the design and construction of an eight-unit independent living village opened by The Speaker of Federal Parliament.
Honorary Fellow Engineers Australia Retired 2012.
Awarded national AGM Mitchell Medal for my profession 2012.
International first prize for technology application in robotics 1988.
Inducted to the Victorian Honour Roll for Women 2014.

Ms June Kingsella

June’s early childhood was spent on a farm in the Rocky Mountain foothills of central Alberta, Canada where her father, an Estonian migrant, pioneered their property. Over a period of many years in Canada and Australia, with a Bachelor
of Education from the University of Alberta, June taught almost every subject and every grade. The lure of owning her own business led her into various areas including lithographic plate making, graphic arts, publishing and finally designing and setting up ice cream parlours and factories.
Retirement brought June to Mallacoota in 2008 where She have endeavoured to contribute to and enjoy many rewarding community activities.


Membership of Mallacoota District Health and Support Service (MDHSS) Inc is an Incorporated Association. Membership entitles you to assist in the growth of MDHSS


A person may apply for membership if they agree to abide by MDHSS values.

An application for membership is made and lodged with the MDHSS Board Secretary.

The Board will consider each application for membership as soon as practicable. The Board has the discretion to accept or reject an application. The Board need not give reasons for its decision. No person may be admitted as a Member after 30 June until the Register reopens on the day after the next Annual General Meeting