Clinical Specialists

Mallacoota District Health provides a range of clinical specialists to the community, offering specialist services in Geriatric Medicine, Audiology, Optometry, Pathology, Dentistry and Skin Checks.

Medical Specialist

Dr Craig Clarke is a Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine,  a role that is important and significant to Mallacoota District community in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and disability in older adults.

Skin Checks

Dr Jane Schlagger offers skin checks to the community. Any minor or major change in the condition of your skin, moles and freckles should be looked at. Skin cancers can be treated if they are detected and intervention happens early. 

Pathology Collection

MDHSS provides a service for collecting biological samples like blood, urine or swabs from patients. Our  Pathology Collection is from 8:30 am – 11:45 am. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We pride ourselves in having NO waiting times.

Dental Clinic

Dr Karthi has Achieved Masters of Dentistry Degree in the year 2002 after Achieving a Bachelor of Dentistry Degree in the year 1994.


Optometrist Services

Dr Cameron Dyson

Dyson & Long provide Optometrist Services at MDHSS for the Mallacoota District Community.

Dr Dyson

  • Graduated Melbourne University 1987


MDHSS Audiology Clinic offer comprehensive hearing services with hearing checks, hearing aids, earwax removal services, tinnitus treatment, and more.